Wise Bar Mexican Chocolate CBD Superfood Bar (25mg)

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▲ Sweetened Cranberries ▲ Cinnamon ▲

▲ Cacao ▲ Walnuts ▲ Cayenne ▲ CBD


The Cayenne pepper in the bar not only brings up your internal temperature a notch but also boosts your immune system with vitamins C, E and B6. ⁣

⁣The active ingredient, Capsaicin, found in cayenne peppers has also shown to relieve pain. That paired with the 25 mg of CBD in each bar and you will be climbing those mountains and flying down the slopes like never before!

Because WISE BAR avoids preservatives and plastics, this bar is made in small batches with fresh ingredients. Enjoy it while it’s fresh and restock often as they do!


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